Waterfront Glass is owned and managed by Lindsay Telling who has a Diploma in Art & Design and Stained Glass from Bristol School of Art.  


Her passion for glass, rekindled by an artist in Fowey and her love of Cornwall brought her back to creating work here in her Bristol Studio.


Her 'Tide' series of works comprise of two layers of glass that have been fused together.  The pieces incorporate varying sizes of coloured glass called 'frit' together with copper wire and cobalt oxide.  It is Lindsay's intentention to take nature in its simplest form and translate it into glass in an evocative way


Pieces vary in size from 9cm x 10cm to  100cm X 65 cm with prices ranging from £25.00 to £950.00.   She is available for comissions  and is currently working a large internal window at Clifton College.


Silks in Glass  - her new business which portrays owners, trainers and jockeys silks in glass is now fully launched and very successful  .  For more information please look at: